It's hard to be sure about this, but I'm sure that RuneScape Gold mage void can give similar results to melee. With the void feature and the maximum equipment, you'll reach in the 90s or 80s with regard to the magic attack bonuses. If you look at this in comparison to Ahrims as well as the similar secondary equipment, you'll find significantly more than a 30 percent difference (favoring Ahrims). There are some applications for voids, they're only a few and few.

I think 4 strength used to equal one damage, so for each point of strength you'd get one more point of damage if your strength does not change. If that's still the case and I don't know whether it's because I'm retired (kinda) It's easy to calculate the value from this set. Melee Void set.

The answer is simple: they're all good even though they're inferior to some gear yet, they're nevertheless items that are simple to gain. In theory yes, but we don't know when it stacks with prayers, if it's additive/multiplitive and other bonuses, like salve etc

What stacks with what? There are a variety of variables involved from my post so I'm not sure what you're talking about in this case. However, I believe they're multiplying but since RuneScape is more elementary when it comes to numbers, it wouldn't surprise me if the developers made it additive, regardless of what you're thinking about.

The main benefit of multiplicative bonuses is that they're simple to calculate precisely with larger numbers, however the combat model wasn't that advanced before they updated the hits splashes as well as the general life point system, and I'm not sure how much they improved the fundamental concepts.

In the majority of cases when I am in occult floors, I always get my team doing gds well because there aren't additional doors to open, after which i am given a time of 40+min which saddens me... I start my ggs prior to Buy RS3 Gold de's. I then take the ggs to the next gd following a current gd when it's not too far. I mark any doors with skill that needed to open near gatestone. I mark gds which need to be finished.