What Gallerists, Artists and Collectors Must Know About Data Security

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 Working artist or gallery owner? You probably spend more time on the internet. From emails to expanding social media platforms,

 Media following, in order to be an artist or gallerist within the current world of hyperlinks, requires high technological literacy.


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 It is essential to protect data while working in the cyber space. Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and innovative in their attack. Some hackers

 Some even claim they are artists. It doesn't matter if it's frauds based on phishing. Hackers don't care about the type of fraud they do.

 The attackers target the victim who is not aware of it.

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 Here are some tips to follow to ensure the security of your data.

 Protect your social media accounts

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 Hacking has become more prevalent in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Instagram accounts that vary from "macro" to "macro" have been gaining popularity over the last year.