I'd like to improve in runescape, like the great players who are level 120 and have full bandos and a godsword with 30m in OSRS gold the bank. I have full rune an ax of neit along with 200k and lots of junk. It would be great if you could aid me in becoming proficient in the game tell me what I need to work on and how I can get money. I need to go to school so that I don't have all day to hunt down 99 slayer or whatever. I'm looking for money, high-powered combat, and to help me.

It's true that training slayer without a need to pay 99, is an awesome way to get high fighting and earning. Take on the quest monkey monster and then replace your dragon's longsword for a scimitar which has a faster attack speed , but less power. Also, you should consider buying the full void so that you can strike more effectively in combat and therefore do tasks faster. Guthan's set can be useful for healing, since it provides you with a boost so that you don't have to eat for tasks.

Slayer is a great way to train melee stats so if you're doing training, go for it. It's a nice method to break the monotony practicing on a single monster. It is evident that someone hasn't had 85 Slayer, Abby whips are around 1 in 540, not the 125 kills you can get camping. And the primary profit in Slayer isn't derived from the large drops, it's all small ones that add up in time, along with clues when you use it and you're intelligent herb runners between tasks.

Well your right, I do not have the 85 slayer. But that doesn't mean that i dont know a little bit about it. There's been stories of people having no whip drop in 4-6 hours of constantly slaying. The fact of the matter is that the whip has a rare drop. Any help website you go to will list it as one.

The chances of getting a whip within a 75-125 kill range is possible though not tipacal. feasible. You have more of a chance of getting one within a kill range of 1 to 540. But, you might not be able to get one. If you ask anyone why they train slayers, it's nearly always about the large drops. Examples include whips from abby deamons and sol from ice strykewyrms,, etc.

However, even if they do slay these drops the majority of their profits won't be derived from them, especially on ice wyrms they have amazing drops, the SOL is just a tiny extra. The 1:540 is the typical dropped (mite be 520, can't remember) but it is due to players submitting the cheap RS gold number of kills they require to earn a whip, and yes, it is possible to be in your range, but that's not the drop rate.