According to Grinding Gear Games, the Scourge League will end on PC on Tuesday, February 1 at 1pm PST, so this is the last week for players to complete any outstanding challenges. On consoles, the Scourge League will end when the Siege of the Atlas expansion goes live on February 9 (PST). So players who haven’t reached their goals are best to Buy POE Currency to complete the challenge.

While Path of Exile: Siege of the Atlas has yet to launch, players can get more reveal about the new league in a livestream on January 27. Players can prepare enough POE Currency to play in the game better. Grinding Gear Games has now revealed some unique items that players will use in the new expansion and some changed items. Here’s what players can learn.

POE Dancing Dervish rework. Dancing Dervish of PoE is being reworked as part of a unique update to Siege of the Atlas. Dancing Dervish now has many stats, including information on weapon range, APS, Crit, damage, and of course other stats. And players can also discover the new Manifest Dancing Dervish mechanic, which is very interesting. Players can buy POE Currency to get some weapons.

The weapon appears to trigger an effect at level 15 Dancing Dervish, which disables both weapon slots, but has an effect called Rampage. Seems like weapons are something for players who want to use weapons as their primary damage tool, doing some death spree dance. How it works in-game, but the actual mechanics remain to be seen. For more information, remember to watch the Siege of the Atlas reveal stream on January 27th and Buy Exalted Orbs at POECurrency to be fully prepared.