If you think that the task of getting a refund from Spirit Airlines is tough or something complicated that you can’t do on your own, my goal with this post is to change your opinion. Stop growing anxious anymore if either Spirit has canceled your flight due to operational and bad weather conditions or you have canceled your flight due to personal reasons. In both cases, you can expect a full refund from Spirit Airlines but, in order to get a refund, you need to follow the right steps. Most importantly, you must know how the Spirit Airlines refund policy works.

As we are talking about airline refunds, it is important to take care of the flight cancellation date and timing. When a passenger cancels his/her flight, determine whether or not he/she will get the refund. Most of the airlines in the world allow refunds to those passengers who cancel their flight early. The earlier a flight is canceled the higher the chances are of getting a refund.

The same thing happens with Spirit Airlines. The earlier you cancel your Spirit flight the higher will be the chances of getting a full or high amount in form refund.  

Will Spirit give me a refund? In order to find the answer to this question, first you need to understand the terms of Spirit Airlines refund policy. So, let’s understand what the Spirit flight cancellation policy has to say about flight cancellation.

Spirit flight cancellation and refund policy

When you cancel your Spirit flight determine whether or not you will get a refund from Spirit Airlines. According to the latest and current Spirit flight cancellation policy if any user cancels his/her flight at least 60 days before, he/she gets the full refund. But, in case if the passenger cancels his flight less than 60 days before the actual date of travel then the cancellation fees will be applicable as mentioned in the following section.

  • Spirit Airlines deduct $99 from the paid amount as a fee if the flight is canceled 0-2 days before the date of travel.   
  • If the flight is canceled 3-6 days before the departure then Spirit deducts $79 and refunds the remaining balance as a refund back to the passenger.
  • In case of flight cancellation 7 to 59 days before the travel then Spirit applies $49 from the paid amount.
  • Gladly, Spirit returns the full money as a refund to the passenger if the flight is canceled 60 days before the departure.

How long does it take to get a refund from Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines refund time varies from 1 week to 20 days. What is more important to understand is the fact that Spirit Airlines sends the refund to the same source of payment that was used at the time making the reservation. With that being said, I mean, if you have used your debit card while booking a flight reservation, upon canceling the flight, into the same debit card you will get a refund. Similarly, if you made payment through a credit card then the refund will take place into your credit card.

Spirit refund number

Passengers get the refund automatically after the successful flight cancellation. But, in case you have not received your refund from Spirit or need any clarification then you can get in touch with Spirit Airlines customer service. Spirit Airlines representatives are accessible by direct phone line, whatsapps, and at the airport. For more information, navigate through the official website of Spirit Airlines.