The towel rack is composed of two supports supporting one or more cross bars, which are divided into single pole, double pole, single layer, double layer and folding rack. It is generally installed on the wall of the bathroom for placing clothes, towels and bath towels. The following is an introduction to the material selection of the towel rack, and I hope it will be helpful for everyone to purchase the towel rack.

To buy a towel rack:

Towel rack sizes are generally 50CM, 60CM, 70CM, 80CM, etc. The corresponding size can be selected according to the area of the bathroom.

Common towel rack materials are aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Among them, aluminum alloy towel rack is the most cost-effective, and its surface can be produced with a variety of effects to meet the individual needs of modern home decoration.

When purchasing, stainless steel and aluminum alloy can be distinguished by color, but it is necessary to master certain methods to distinguish between chrome-plated copper or copper-zinc alloy:

1. Look, if you want to use the towel rack frequently and often, just check the coating first. Generally speaking, the brighter and finer the surface, the more obvious the mirror effect, and the better the coating process.

2. Listen, listen to the introduction of the salesperson, mainly the introduction of the coating. A good bath towel rack has not only experienced the early polishing, polishing, and dust removal, but also has up to six or seven layers of nickel and chrome plating. The more, the better the quality.

3. Grip, you can use the method of grip to see the quality of the material. After holding the bath towel holder for two or three seconds, loosen it. The fog and traces will disappear quickly. It can be judged that it is copper. It may be non-copper.

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