Your current setup is okay But I'd recommend something that won't degrade. Dragon Platelegs are compatible with RS gold Fighter Torso, for example. Dragon Platelegs aren't very expensive, and it's the Fighter Torso only costs a few hours to acquire. Or Bandos armour if you're a very wealthy player.

I'd like higher figures, but I think F2P is too slow for level 70 and above. I'm asking is it worth doing soul wars to earn some experience. I would like to get an 74-83 range as well as 70 str to 85. I'm wondering if that will last for the entire month or not, or if it is worth it?

I was going to buy one of those game cards or pay by mobile(I doubt it because my mom recently paid the bill, but it was not in good timing.) If I can get to 50-80 str in only a couple of minutes on a low level account that would be amazing sauce, too. Does anyone know if you can use an ultimate gamer card for 2 accounts?

Woo! It's definitely worth it for 1 month, or at the most you can try it. Didn't Jagex offer a promotion where you could be granted a free week of membership, in the event that your account was never upgraded in the past? You may need to confirm my data on this. If it was actually there the promotion could have only was for a short period of time.

Anyways, I'll sort of just be echoing what other excellent users have shared in this thread. It's worth it to join the game to be able to enjoy the world of Runescape accessible to you! There's more to experience, explore, discover -- and the "pond" is, in a sense, becomes much bigger. There's more opportunities to make money and earn xp from players. Do not drown yourself in soul battles, since you'll want to kill everything after an hour or that. Ugh. Wretched mini game. Well, yeah! Hope to see you logged in to 71 once!

There's an excellent reason a lot of members still make use of a rune platebody- it's got decent defense bonuses , and a relatively low cost. But what is the natural next step up from rune in terms of non-degradeable plates? I guess it would be an Bandos Plate, but that's far out of my budget.

Are there any other plates with similar properties that provide more benefits than rune? What are the nondegradable bodies you prefer to use for regular training? What is the cost and do you think it's worth the return?

The Rune is the most reliable nonmem, non-deg armour. Next highest is Granite Body, legs, helm and sheild. That's mem. need 50 str and 50 def to weild. However , it is among the strongest armours on the market, maybe even the heaviest. So it drains run in old school rs gold a crazed manner. Additionally, it appears boring, the whole set is less than 500k and is mostly used by bots, according to what I've been told.