Zong is a cell phone organization in Pakistan with more than 12 million endorsers. Notwithstanding the Zong web bundles, they likewise offer SMS and Calling administrations. The data we give here can assist you with concluding which Zong Web bundle is best for you.

This blog will cover every one of the various bundles accessible from ZONG. We'll likewise disclose how to prefer a web bundle.

Zong Internet Package
Zong offers an aggregate of four Zong web bundles. Here, we examine all web bundles like Hourly, Day by day, week by week and month to month. List see individually this web offer.
Zong's day by day web bundles are the most ideal choice who utilize the web for a brief time frame. It gives ZONG clients a lot of ZONG information at reasonable costs. In day by day web offers, Clients need to re-buy in each day. ZONG additionally gives month to month offers which ZONG endorsers can use over time.

Zong Free 3G/4G Bundle for Facebook:

Zong is giving its clients Zong Free 3G/4G Bundle for Facebook. You can involve this bundle for 1 Day.

Zong is offering amazing internet packages to its prepaid as well as postpaid customers. These include Zong hourly, daily, weekly and monthly internet package details. A telecommunication company is determined to provide a number of mobile network services regarding 2G, 3G and 4G in order to fulfill the needs of its customers. The main objective of the Zong Telecom Company is to provide customer satisfaction through better connectivity at affordable rates. Moreover, it is also providing Zong 4G internet packages and recently tested the 5G services as well. zong internet packages monthly along with zong daily internet package & zong internet packages weekly are the most economical packages nationwide.

Zong is a China Mobile Company. It is the second-largest mobile service provider across Pakistan. Its subscriber volume is more than 40 million and increasing day by day. It has enabled 4G in 14000 locations in the country. Zong is also the first network to successfully conduct a 5G trial in Pakistan.

Zong has various daily internet bundles. Daily basic gives you access to the internet throughout the day but offers a limited data volume of 100MBs only. Daily data max accommodates 1GB but in this offer, 500MBs are reserved only for YouTube. Besides that, the price of daily data max is a little high. The daytime offer comes with adequate data volume but has a time window for use. Youth offer is also a time-restricted package that makes it not suitable for most of the users.

Zong offers multiple monthly internet buckets. Even you can activate a monthly package for only Rs. 50 in Zong. However, for frequent use, you can go with Super Monthly Offer. Extreme users can opt for Super Monthly Max to get 40GBs of data in Rs. 900 only!

Keeping in mind the popularity of TikTok, Zong has introduced an exclusive TikTok offer to enjoy short videos every moment. Other than that, there is a Classified Packages to give you access to Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi.