What's Concrete Cutting?


Concrete cutting is usually a process of controlled sawing, drilling and removal of concrete performed by skilled operators using specific saws that use diamond impregnated blades. In contrast to the old- fashioned dusty "jack hammer" method, modern concrete cutting leaves a smooth desirable finish and utilizes water so as not to build any dust or mess. There are actually lots of various kinds of concrete cutting however the most common are wall sawing, core drilling and slab or flat sawing. Get extra data about Concrete cutting Adelaide


Wall Sawing would be the process of cutting openings such as doors or windows in concrete walls, normally no additional than 12" thick but in some cases up to 24" thick. That is achieved by using a saw that attaches to a track around the wall to become cut. This process utilizes an enormous 30" or perhaps larger diameter diamond blade that will reduce 12" or extra of concrete all of the way through from one side. This aspect of our business calls for probably the most ability and cannot conveniently be done by your average "do it yourselfer." As stated, wall sawing may perhaps entail cutting openings in concrete foundations but might also contain lowering a foundation elevation, whole foundation removal and also the cutting of concrete retaining walls in part or in entire. This sort of concrete cutting needs talent and experience to cut perfectly smooth plumb and level openings with virtually no dust or mess, so it really is a rather high priced service. Most concrete cutting companies charge a minimum of $425 just to take their equipment to a site and reduce.


Homeowners that make additions on to their home that have basements or cellars normally obtain they must reduce into their existing concrete foundation to add an entry or passage involving the new and current basements. It truly is considerably simpler and in most cases significantly less highly-priced to have this service performed throughout the building process and not after.


Core Drilling may be the process of drilling completely round holes by means of concrete walls and floors. The diameters from the holes variety from 1" to 12" round but typical 5" for most homeowner applications. In commercial applications core holes can variety anywhere up to 60" round and more. Core holes are used for "utility penetrations" which include electrical, plumbing and heating but are also normally used for venting furnaces or clothes dryers. Though not recommended, core drilling may be performed by an advanced "do it yourselfer" and also the equipment necessary to perform core drilling is readily accessible at your local tool rental and supply shop. Most companies have a minimum charge of $250 to core a hole for you and it might take a professional as small as 10 minutes to unload his equipment, core the hole, and reload his equipment. But, I've noticed property owners rent the equipment and spend a whole weekend looking to core a single hole then call an expert to complete the project. Just like with any trade a professional concrete cutter will make his job look simple.


Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, is used to cut horizontal flat concrete surfaces like floors, bridge decks and pavement. Slab saws feature a diamond blade that's mounted on a walk-behind machine that needs only one operator. They will cut up to 33 inches in depth but typically only 6" or much less is necessary in most homeowner applications. Slab sawing may be the ideal solution for producing penetrations or openings in concrete floors to access and repair a broken water pipe or sewer line. When a basement or cellar is getting remodeled to add a bathroom the concrete is removed to add new plumbing for the fixtures. A slab saw can also be beneficial in demolition work to break up and eliminate a cracked or undesirable patio, driveway or walkway. Occasionally a homeowner may well want just part of a patio or other concrete slab cut so that you can alter their landscaping. Attempting a slab saw project is usually very time consuming for the typical "do it yourselfer" having said that it may be accomplished. I constantly recommend spending some additional bucks and saving yourself some very severe danger and aggravation by contracting a concrete cutting professional.


Regardless of what your project is, never let just a little concrete stand inside your way. Concrete could be a homeowner's worst obstacle if she or he doesn't understand that you will find companies around that specialize in removing it pretty rapidly and neatly. To discover a reputable concrete cutter I propose that you just get started with the yellow pages and usually verify them out together with your local Greater Business Bureau or your local Department of Consumer Protection. To acquire a lot more acquainted with the sector just do a look for "concrete cutting" and check out some websites committed towards the topic.