Web Design vs. Web Development: The Difference

Web designers and web developers are responsible for all the amazing and powerful websites that you can see online. Web developers and web designers are often used interchangeably by people who are not familiar with web development. However, they are two distinct professions. 

Smaller organizations that aren't dedicated to web development don't hire web designers. Instead, they ask their web developer for the entire website design and development. However, large organizations, which rely heavily on their website to market their products, hire both web designers and web developers to create beautiful, interactive, and powerful websites. Get the best training in web design course in Delhi at TGC India.

This article will explain the differences between a Web Designer & a Web Developer and what their roles are in creating a website.


Web Designer

Before we can create or develop anything in Industry, we first create a blueprint. This plan will guide the employees as they work on that project. The Web Designer creates the overall layout and design of the website. They create the overall design and layout of the website and plan where and how each element will be placed. A web designer is like an architect who creates a blueprint for our website.

Web designers are often overlooked, but they play an important role in web development. They design user-friendly web pages and offer the best environment for users to stay connected to your site. 

Web designers are responsible for creating or imagining interfaces that will attract users' attention. The interface should be clear and logical so it can be implemented by web developers. A web designer, like a web developer, does not need to be an expert in website building or working. They just need to design a website that will attract more people to their site. However, they need to know how websites work so they can create the site they are designing. Get the best offers on Web designing course fees in Delhi at TGC India.


Roles for a Web Designer

  • To design the website's blueprint, a web designer uses Adobe Photoshop, Framer, or Sketch.
  • Web designers must be skilled in logo and graphic design.
  • Web designers must be able to create a website that is user-friendly and has less complexity.
  • They must also design the right slot in which all elements of the website can fit, such as images and buttons.
  • Web designers must update the website's layout according to market trends and introduce new features.
  • Web designers should be able to determine the best font and color format for their websites.
  • Web designers should be familiar with Search Engine Optimization to design websites that rank well on search engines.
  • Web designers must design a well-balanced and logical layout.

Web Development

Web developers are programmers that create the web designer's layout. web-developers utilize the Markup and programming languages to code the website. There are two types: Front-End developers and Back-End developers. The Front-end Developers are considered web designers for the simple reason that they create the interface of the webpage. Everything you see on the page and anything you can interact with it is created by them.


Front-End Developers

To build the website's interface, Front-End web developers use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The Web Designer has given the UI to the Front-End Developer. Front-End Developers handle all the buttons, font layouts, typography, images, headings, and titles of the website.


Back-End developers

Websites are now dynamic. They all use Databases to store data and extract it. Back-end developers create the code that allows for dynamic websites. You can use many programming languages to build the back-end for a website. These include Java, SQL, and Python. Programming languages, unlike the Front-End tools, are not stable and can be modified by the organization at any time.


Full-Stack developer

Although there are many layers to a Full-Stack Developer, it is the person who knows both the Front and Back-End technologies. Big-Organizations have different teams for back-end and front-end development. Smaller organizations, however, can always find full-stack developers who can code for both Ends.


The role for a Web Developer

  • Use tools like HTML, CSS, or JS to create the user interface for your website.
  • A front-end developer is responsible for creating an interface that can load quickly on all browsers.
  • A Front-End Developer is responsible for creating interfaces that could contain dynamic content from the backend.
  • Back-End developers are responsible for the main logic of the website and its database.
  • Clear communication should exist between front-end and back-end developers.
  • The web developers are responsible for designing the model presented by the web designer.

Salary Factor

Many companies don't offer a Job for Web-Designers, so they simply ask their front-end developers to create an interface. It can be very difficult to find a job. However, it is possible to find a job as Web-Developer. The technologies used to create websites change every day so you might need to keep your skills current.

Web designers are paid less than web developers because there aren't many web-designer jobs. The Salary is dependent on the Organization, the Designer, and the Developer's Experience. However, the designer always earned less.


Average Salary

Designer: $10-$50 p/h,

Developer: $30-$65 p/h.



Web Design and Development can be considered two distinct professions. However, you won't find many jobs for web designers. But there are plenty for web developers. Web designers only deal with the design of the website. While web developers create the code that brings the website to life using various technologies, web developers are responsible for the actual development of the code.