In the legal profession, the terms solicitor and notary are frequently interchanged. It's crucial to note, however, that while they both provide legal services, there are a few key differences between them. In fact, being a notary public is a very different career path than becoming a solicitor, and the notary public's day-to-day responsibilities are vastly different. It can be a tough task to appoint the right person for your specific job. This is why it is important to know whom to contact when you need notary services or others. Let us learn and understand about both parties one by one. 

What Is A Solicitor & What He Does?

A solicitor is a lawyer who specializes in fighting legal conflicts, whether personal or business-related, by curating and producing the appropriate paperwork to give you the best opportunity of getting what you want.

As a solicitor, the most important thing a notary public cannot do is take sides in disputed cases. They can and will give whatever service is required in order to help the client achieve their goals. Despite their responsibility to ensure that everything is legally written up and documented, their ultimate goal is to fulfill the client's preferences.

What Is Notary Public & Explain His Duties?

A notary public is a person who has the authority to notarize documents, and who, more often than not, specializes in international legal problems or those involving documents collected or transmitted from outside. They have the ability to authenticate documents, witness signatures, and produce copies of documents.

A legal officer can confirm the authenticity of documents sealed and signed by a notary public, regardless of where they came from around the world. In some cases, a legal officer can use a notary's seal and signature because it is internationally recognized.

A notary public, in general, is someone who has specialized after becoming a fully trained lawyer, allowing them to notarize documents in the ways described above. A solicitor can also be a notary public, however, this is extremely uncommon, and most persons prefer to specialize in one field.

When Will You Need A Notary Public?

In many circumstances, it is simply a necessity of the particular document, therefore you must be prepared for it. Many legal documents will state that they must be notarized by a notary public. These are most commonly found in foreign documents or those that have been imported from another country. As a result, a Notary Public's services are critical in international legal disputes.

While a solicitor may be able to perform some of the functions of a notary public, it is generally advisable to utilize a notary public when dealing with foreign matters.

Main Differences Between A Solicitor & Notary Public


This is a large part of the legal profession including a number of qualified solicitors.

They use to deal with a wide range of legal matters.

They have to deal with disputed matters in which they fight on behalf of one party of the dispute.

Notary Public

They are less in number in comparison to solicitors.

Their duty is to verify the authenticity of documents and they do not represent any client.

Most of the time they deal with international document work. 

They have an international authority to authenticate documents. 

They have to be impartial and must not favor any party.


To conclude the responsibility of a notary public in Victoria is to produce documentation, witness signatures, and authenticate international documents. White Horse Notary Public is a professional and credible company where you can get in touch with an experienced and professional notary public and get your work done without any hassle.