Superior Garden Superior Garden is another important feature for Buy OSRS Gold transport to put in your house. When you reach level 75, construction with Farming players 83, it is possible to put a Spirit Tree in house. Additionally at 85 Construction Fairy Ring can be built. If you'd like to have both in one location 90 Construction, and 85 Farming is required.

Cape Hanger Cape Hanger item may appear to be useless, yet it's very beneficial. The use of skill caps that provide the ability to teleport (like Crafting one) on Cape Hanger will give you additional teleports within your home within the reach of a single right click.

Occult Altar Occult Altar Occult Altar allows users to change spellbooks with a single click. You are able to select from every spell type you've unlocked. This is very handy because changing it through the normal method takes some time. You can also build small altars around level 80 that allows you to change into only one magic type.

Ornate Jewellery Box - Another tool for teleportation that includes accessories like Duel Ring, Games Necklace, Combat Bracelet, Skills Necklace, Amulet of Glory and Ring of Wealth and all of the teleports provided by them. It is a significant savings in money, but it needs a very high Construction level to be built.

Mounted Coins Apart from being hilarious this one is almost completely ineffective. If you are willing to spend 100mil gold you can be able to Buy Old School RS Gold display it on your POH. There's one downside to owning this item - you will have to shed 100mil of gold in order to build it.