Users can breed, own digital horses, and also take part in intense races. Zed Run, a gaming platform on the Polygon sidechain, is enabling that. Participants can build stables, watch matches live, and also purchase colts and stallions through drops. Are you an entrepreneur aiming to overhaul the equestrian sports industry? Create a Zed Run clone. 

The major components of a Platform Like Zed Run are

·       Stable creation section - Users need to link their MetaMask wallet and Magic Link email accounts. This helps them in developing robust stables. Later, they can participate in competitive races, exhibit their prowess, and win exciting rewards on a platform like Zed Run

·       Purchase racehorse option - Sometimes, players may not be able to get racehorses once a drop opens. However, they can register on an NFT marketplace like OpenSea and buy female and male horses with different bloodlines, breeds, coat colours, and genotypes. 

·       Help Desk - Racers can solve problems while racing, breeding, and trading horses. They can contact the technical support centre and receive assistance for issues like watching events live on Twitch and YouTube, linking of software wallets, construction of stables, participation in auctions, depositing and withdrawal of funds, and getting rewards after winning races. 

·       Next to Run dashboard - Real-time data about horse racing events are available in the Next to Run panel. Thus, users can click the list of cups, plates, and tournaments and watch them live on screens. Information about the event, location, event type (in numbers), and the date and time of the race is displayed. Players can click either 2D or 3D for viewing the competitions on the Zed Run clone platform. 

Wrapping Up

Do you wish to call the shots in the international equestrian sports industry? Reach out to a white-label NFT marketplace development company now to create a Zed Run like platform soon.