Rosacea can not only be painful during its outbreaks, but many who suffer from Rosacea also experience it as embarrassing as it often breaks out in the face in the form of redness, visible veins, papules and pustules

Women in the age group 30 – 40 are more prone to Rosacea than men, but men who suffer from it are prone to have more serious outbreaks.

Rosacea Treatment is commonly mistaken for Acne as the look is very similar and both have breakout periods followed by periods with no breakouts at all.

While there are no known treatments to actually cure Rosacea there are several treatments that can reduce the breakout as such, limiting both the pain and the visual effects of the breakout. Several of those used by dermatologists are prescription drugs and can risk having side effects are costly and complicated to use.

This is why HOCI, Hypochlorous Acid is starting to generate interest among dermatologists as a treatment form for Rosacea and several studies have shown excellent results

Not all types of Rosacea can be treated with HOCI, but among the sufferers of Rosacea about 70% suffer from variations with moderate papules and pustules and can benefit from topical treatments to greatly reduce the outbreak, such as HOCI.

So what is this wonder product they are talking about? Hypochlorous Acid is formed by your body’s own immune defence system. It is more or less the body’s own disinfectant. It’s not a new product;, HOCI has been around for 100 years and was used in WW1 to treat gunshot wounds. What makes it special today is that modern manufacturing techniques make the product stable to bottle and gives it a reasonable shelf life.

HOCI is the most effective biocide in the world but as its part of the bodies own immune system,  it only kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Due to HOCIs effectiveness in killing not only harmful bacteria, but also viruses and fungus, HOCI is even used as a disinfectant in environments such as hospitals and clinics to sanitize everything from operating theatres to surgical instruments! 

When it comes to skin care and to treating such skin disorders as Rosacea, it becomes even more important to avoid products that contain alcohol, steroids, parabens and much more as these can have side effects or even worsen the outbreak.

There are several companies who focus on natural skin care treatments that contain HOCI and offer the products over the counter or online. One company, Liquid Medical Ltd, specialises in the development and production of products based on Hypochlorous Acid and they have developed a product specifically for Rosacea, suitably named Rosacea Clear.

Such products that only contain clear and organic HOCI are commonly supplied in small spray bottles. They need no other application other than to be sprayed on the affected area and left to dry. Many who have tried HOCI based products report more or less an instant relief from heat and burn sensation reducing the noticeable pain from Rosacea quickly from here :-