The boom of NFTs has become one of the prominent reasons for the emergence of the NFT marketplace for sports, in which users in the platform could sell video clips, collectibles, sports cards, etc. NBA Top Shot Clone is an NFT based sports marketplace with features and capabilities similar to the original NBA Top Shot. If you want to deploy a platform enabling NFT enthusiasts and sports fans to trade collectibles, the choice of getting the NFT marketplace clone solution would be highly recommended. 

Features Of A NBA Top Shot Clone

When deciding to launch an NFT-based sports marketplace, here are the features that you have to consider in the NBA Top Shot Clone.

Integration of Digital wallets

This feature will enable the users to link or integrate their digital wallets in the NFT marketplace for sports. They can start with funding and go ahead with seamless transactions. 


It is a vital feature in which users can view special moments from various sports as well as the league. This will probably encourage the NFT enthusiasts to buy their favorite collectibles.

Advanced search option

Grant the users to navigate through what they are looking for with the help of the right kind of filters. This way, they can find it without much difficulty within a shorter duration.


The digital collectible owners can list their collectibles in the platform for auction by setting a minimum bid value or maximum bid value. 


The categorization of collectibles will obviously facilitate the users to find the collectibles under a particular category. It may be playing cards, moments, and many others.

Wrapping Up

Almost at the end of this quick blog. These are the essential features that should not be omitted at any cost. Besides this, there are numerous other features that should be given utmost importance are a waiting room, guide, showcase, package drops, etc.  

Partner with us if you are sure about launching an NBA Top Shot Clone enriched with features.