Powertrac tractor brand produces the various tractor models in India. These tractors are very popular among the Indian farmers. In India, Countless farmers have a dream to buy this brand’s tractor. Apart from this, Powertrac tractor models range in HP from 25 HP to 75 HP.

Popular tractor in India 

Let's look at the famous tractor in India with complete specifications.

1. Powertrac Euro 439

Powertrac 439 is the top tractor model which makes farming applications productive. Due to this tractor model, farmers earn immensely and profit from the farming business. This tractor is fitted with a Single / Dual (Optional) Clutch. It has 8 forwards + 2 reverse gearboxes. 


Along with this, it comes with Multi Plate Oil Immersed Disc Brake. The steering type of the tractor model is Smooth Power Steering / Mechanical Single Drop Arm Option. It provides 50 litres large fuel tank capacity for a long run on farms. Also, this tractor has a strong pulling capacity of 1600 kg. Powertrac Euro 439 price in India starts from Rs 5.65 and goes up to 6.45 Lakh*.

2. Powertrac Euro 47

It is loaded with 50 HP and 3 cylinders. Powertrac Euro 47 engine capacity is high, and it delivers efficient mileage on the field. This tractor has the best engine combination among other tractors. Apart from this, the company offers powerful engine capability which provides high fuel efficiency. Powertrac Euro 47 comes with a Dual/ Single(Optional) Clutch. It has 8 forwards + 2 reverse gearboxes. Along with this, the 2.7-29.7kmph forward speed is excellent in the Powertrac Euro 47. It is manufactured with Multi Plate Oil Immersed Brakes.

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