The Texans uniforms have been mostly unchanged since being a MUT 24 Coins expansion team in 2002. They're not functionally flawed. the uniforms but they're a dull uniform that doesn't inspire any feelings. The biggest issue is that they're too similar to the color scheme and style for The New England Patriots, which doesn't work when you're an inferior team.

People have been asking for more excitement out of the Texans regarding their jerseys and this could be a sign they're on the way. The red chrome on Battle Red helmets makes the team stand out and really makes the steer head pop on the helmet more.

New helmets are awesome, but they don't allow fans to purchase. I'm in favor of Texans switching to their ref chrome helmets for the duration of the season as well as a new version of their alternate red jersey becoming the new home uniform while whites will be the away. In fact I'd like to see them drop the white helmet and switching to a light grey or silver to buy MUT Coins Madden 24 differential themselves more.