How is turkesterone hormone made?

Turkesterone hormones are produced by the adrenal glands, which sit atop of each kidney. The gland produces a number of different types and levels of hormones that help regulate many body functions including blood pressure, temperature regulation, metabolism and immune function.

Turkesterone is a derivative of cholesterol. Cholesterol and its derivatives are synthesized in the liver, where they serve as precursors to hormones like adrenal cortex hormones, thyroid gland hormones and sex steroid-like estrogens (and also testosterone). In order to make turkesterone from cholesterol it needs an enzyme called cytochrome P450scc which catalyzes this transformation.

Turkesterone, also known as 3α-dihydrotesterone or 17β-hydroxyprogesteron, is a steroidal progestin and corticosteroid. It can be synthesized by the hydroxylation of progesterone at position 3α in the A ring system (which removes one hydrogen atom from each side of carbon C3) followed by reduction with an iron catalyst to yield pregnenolone. Pregnenolones are then converted into various other steroids such as cortisol and cortisosterone via reductive amination reactions.

Turkesterone is a steroid hormone that can be found in the brain, adrenal glands and gonads. It acts as an antagonist of estrogen by competing with it for binding to the nuclear receptors present in these tissues. This means that when there are low levels of this substance, more estrogen will bind and cause many negative effects on health such as increased risk for breast cancer or cardiovascular disease.

The production of the testosterone in humans begins with cholesterol, an important steroid that provides energy to cells. Testosterone is synthesized from cholesterol via a series of eight steps called the Leydig-Meyerhof pathway (LMP). These reactions take place within specialized tissues such as testes and ovaries.


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