Rocket League is one of the RL Prices titles on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S list, bringing as one of its main additions the option to run at 120 frames according to second at the Microsoft platform. And it turned into precisely on this issue that the manufacturer Psyonix spoke to the Eurogamer website.

In the chat, it turned into referred to that on the Microsoft console it only needed a small update for this, even as on Sony’s video game the work could be a whole port.

“Enabling 120 fps [for Rocket League] at the Xbox Series X / S required a small replace, but on the PlayStation 5 a complete local port might be wanted due to the backward compatibility that become carried out at the console, and unluckily not feasible because of our consciousness on other greater vital fronts for Rocket League Item Prices the name ”, found out to Psyonix.