In the nuanced realm of cryptocurrency trading, NFT has branched out into its own sector full of rich potential and growth with promising evolution in the sector's use cases. This sector has become the modern-age tool for investing, buying, trading, and selling assets online. The aspect of trade and selling falls under the influence of the creator of the artist who creates the NFT project with the relevant standard practices. It takes immense courage to even conceptualize the idea to get started with creating an NFT. It is a strenuous process. Still, some tools and products make it easy for artists to eliminate all the hurdles and emerge victoriously.

Guardian Link is the no-code launchpad platform for creators and amateur artists to take up to get started on making their own dedicated Marketplace for their NFTs without having to worry about the technical aspects. They provide a plethora of templates, layout options, wallet integration, and security. Now conquering the NFT space is made as easy as just uploading your work and waiting for it to take off. This is leaps better than the original format. There was no access or exposure to a dedicated product, which makes it difficult for a first-time NFT enthusiast. An individual or a business had to figure out how to set up their Marketplace from scratch.

Although it is purposefully a sector that benefits the new-age investor, the NFT art marketplace was primarily created for artists to showcase their work. The use cases of the sector have evolved, and so has the mode of consumption for what constitutes an NFT. An NFT can be anything digital or code, for example, painting, digital art, graphic design, music, tweet, meme, the list goes on. Anyone who dares to create an NFT with a unique idea or a new form of digitizable asset that others haven't tapped yet. Anyone from a painter, musician, digital artist, graphic designer, filmmaker, coder, influencer, content creator. The beauty about the age we live in is the ability to weaponize and exploit even the most unassuming and underrated asset that had been static into something worth millions of dollars and much more.