In the Delirium Everywhere event in Path of Exile, players can get many rare rewards. This event will end on January 10th, so for some players who want to collect more rewards, they must prepare enough POE Currency to challenge themselves in the event. Here are all the rewards provided by this event.

If the Ascendancy Classes players in each game are in the top five, they will get a Demigod’s Authority legendary one-handed sword. Like some other Demigod items in the game, this sword will increase the size of the players’ characters. This effect stacks with other items, and for some dual-wielding Demigod’s Authorities players, it can even stack with itself. So if you want to get these rewards, players must Buy Exalted Orbs.

During the event, all players who reach level 50 will get an Atlantis Mystery Box. Each box contains different items selected from two underwater-themed sets: the Siren set and the Deepwater set. During this event, each account will only be rewarded with one Atlantis Mystery Box.

Players who reach a certain level threshold during the event will enter a random lottery to get a few microtransaction items. Reaching a threshold for each character level increases their chances of winning prizes. Here are all the reward levels. The quantity for each level is stated in parentheses. If players are interested in these rewards, then they can buy POE Currency to enhance their strength.

Level 60: Seraph footprints, Mystic weapon effect, Corrupted Skull helmet (1,000 each)
Level 70: Spirit portal effect, Elder portal effect, Thaumaturgy portal effect (1000 each)
Level 80: Faith Guard character effect, Scientist character effect, Arcane character effect (each 700)
Level 85: Mystic armor set, Project armor set, Gargoyle armor set (200 each)
Level 90: Mystic cloak, Oil Drenched wings, Vampiric wings (200 each)
Level 95: Angelic wings, Dark Magic armor set, Dragon Hunter herald effect (50 each)