As the NFL season heads towards its culmination within the Super Bowl, fans of teams not playing on it hallowed Sunday are left looking towards the longer term. Not only are fans doing this, but players round the league that didn't see much team success do the identical.

A number of those guys had tremendous individual performances and are looking to leverage that success for an opportunity at the duvet of next year's Madden titles. Now, let's look at the NFL players most likely to screen Madden 21.

George Kittle
When Rob Gronkowski decided to retire at the tip of the 2018 playoffs fans began to wonder when the league would see another end of his caliber when it came to dominate the sport from the end.

It seems the league already had his successor in George Kittle who has made a case because the best player within the NFL on numerous occasions during the 2019 season. His team is about to Buy MUT coins undertake and make a run at a brilliant Bowl which is able to only bolster his popularity as his name recognition is growing exponentially.

Khalil Mack
If you've never stopped to look at the Chicago Bears defense then you would be unfamiliar the sort of dominance Khalil Mack is capable of. He may have only registered 8.5 sacks this season, but almost all of his sacks led to a forced fumble. On top of that, the person is practically triple-teamed every play and still manages to use pressure.

He's one in all the league's best defensive players and happens to play in one among the larger markets within the NFL which looks as if the proper combination for somebody looking to land the duvet.

Stephon Gilmore
Most people consider Stephon Gilmore a lock for the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year award, but challengers have argued that his numbers in coverage are inflated thanks to several missed holding calls on his part. However, you are feeling about his award chances it's hard to deny how prominent a player Gilmore became in 2019.

He went from being unknown by casual fans to being the foremost well-known corner outside of Richard Sherman. That being said it's hard for defensive players to urge the Madden 21 Coins duvet, as well as a cornerback.

Michael Thomas
In 2019 the New Orleans Saints managed to possess a large receiver in Michael Thomas, shatter the single-season record for receptions in an exceedingly given year. Thomas plays in an offense that arguably revolves around him and his spectacular route-running and catching radius.

Unfortunately, his dominance over the years hasn't equated to much within the playoffs, but at the top of the day, he's still one among the most effective players within the entire NFL irrespective of position. Given his personality, he'd probably love getting the possibility to grace the duvet of Madden 21.