We are a Plastic machinery Manufacturer, let’s share with you the applications of plastic crushers.

  One is the corner waste generated during the production process. This waste is relatively clean, less polluting and contains impurities, such as substandard film and trimming in film production, waste silk in the production of PP flat yarn, pipe and profile production Leading parts or unqualified products, underfilled parts in injection production, etc.

  One type is used plastic waste with a single material system, such as disassembled pipes, doors and windows, packaging materials that are strictly sorted according to resin types, or other waste plastic products.

  There is also a mixed waste plastic that is difficult to distinguish or cannot be separated at all, such as multi-layer co-extruded composite film, coated plastic products, composite products of plastics and other materials, etc. Different types of waste plastics have different characteristics. As far as the impurity content is concerned, the impurity content of the corner waste in the factory production is less than 0.1%, and the impurity content of the leftovers and other used products that have been stacked for a certain period of time is 0.1% to 0.5%. The impurity content of composite waste plastics mixed with aluminum, cloth and paper is often greater than 10%. For used waste plastics, depending on the conditions of use, it will include the effects of ultraviolet radiation, heat and oxygen aging, and the effects of pollutants. For waste plastics of different shapes, the bulk density of the crushed materials is very different. The bulk density of the crushed materials of film, sheet, and flat wire is relatively small, which must be considered in the feeding process of waste plastic recycling and granulation. .

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