Whenever you lose access to your Coinspot wallet, recovering the wallet remains a single option to access the wallet. You can recover your wallet by providing the private key details that have been provided by Coinspot for your wallet during the setup process. Once you provide the private key of your wallet, you will be eligible to import the wallet on your device. Make sure to provide the 12-words private key details correctly to avoid delay during the process. However, in case the device is broken or stolen on which you have accessed the Coinspot wallet then you need to follow the path to recover the wallet. This is a quick and easy process and you can also access your Coinspot wallet with help of the steps that we are going to mention on this page.

Way to recover the Coinspot wallet

Make sure that the device that you are using to recover the wallet is connected to a high-speed internet connection to avoid issues on the wallet recovery page. When asked, provide the private key details correctly. Also, confirm to choose a new password for your wallet that is strong enough.

  1.     Open the Coinspot wallet on your device
  2.     Now, detect the ‘Import Wallet’ button 
  3.     Then, tap on this button to visit the wallet recovery page
  4.     Fill up the seed phrase details of your Coinspot wallet
  5.     Check the details and then choose a new password for your wallet
  6.     Retype the same password in the next field and then tap the ‘Recover’ button

After going through the above steps, you will be able to recover the Coinspot wallet in case your private key detail is correct. In case you have lost the Coinspot wallet seed phrase details then you may not be able to access your wallet.


In short, like other crypto wallet, the Coinspot wallet also can be recovered using the private key details. Users who have private key details can recover their wallets easily by using mobile or desktop app. In case you are not sure about the process to recover the Coinspot wallet then you can easily do so with the help of the steps mentioned above on this page. 

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