Dolpo is the land of Bon and Buddhism. There are many ancient Bon and Buddhist monasteries, sacred mountains, and hermitages where many eminent Bon and Buddhist masters meditated and enlightened throughout history. Among them, Shey Crystal Mountain (Shel Ribo Drukta) is a place that is revered by the both Bon and Buddhist people of Himalaya. In this sacred valley, several Bon and Buddhist masters mediated and became enlightened.

In the Tibetan lunar calendar, there is a twelve-year cycle represented by different animals every year. The animals that represent the year are, Mouse, Bull, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Monkey, Bird, Dog, and Pig. And the year 2024 is the year of Dragon. The Dragon Year is the pilgrimage year of Crystal Mountain (Shey Ribo Drugta). On the occasion of Dragon Year every 12 years, there is a festival in Shey Gompa Upper Dolpo Nepal.

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The festival starts from August 17th to 20th 2024. The first day of the opening ceremony is followed by different activities each day. There will be teaching by great lamas and Rinpoche along with cultural performances (Syabros) and traditional games such as horse racing and archery. 18th is a full day and it is an auspicious day to circumambulate (kora) around Shey Ribo Drukta. Even some people circumambulate (kora) barefoot around Shey Ribo Drugta. It is believed that making circumambulate (kora) around the Shey Ribo Drukta will purify and cleanse sin and bad deeds. At the end of the festival, participants get blessings (Wangs) from honorable and renowned lamas.