We all know how important quality output and growth are in manufacturing processes in China. Rotomoulding is extremely beneficial when it comes to your business when you consider what the process can do for you.

The rotomoulding process can benefit any China rotomould company, regardless of what it produces. What is rotomoulding? Why roto moulding can be a great choice? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of this kind of process? Let’s answer these questions and more.

What is rotomoulding?

Rotomoulding involves forming the mold cavity with a moving mold base; this is a kind of melt forming process. Further, melt forming can be separated into three steps: performing, rotating, and final forming. During the process, raw plastic material will be sucked into the cavity through needle holes on the mold base, and then the plunger forces it to flow through the ejector pins and nozzles to form shapes of product. Usually, there are two operations from pre-heat to cooling period, i.e. single screw and multi-screw. The volume of the injection molding machine ranges from 150 to 20,000 liters with clamping force from 1-500 tons. It should be reminded that the roto-molding machine is not only restricted to the molding position but can be changed to other positions for different industries. The roto-molding process itself is an affordable manufacturing method and that makes it a popular choice among China rotomould companies.

What makes rotomoulding a great choice over other methods of manufacturing?

Rotomoulding is a method of manufacturing where the product is formed in a mould and not by hand, which generally leads to better quality, as well as reducing manufacturing costs.

Compared with other techniques such as extrusion, roto moulding offers better part and tool design, better consistency in repeatability, faster build time, and greater flexibility in the range of materials that can be used – all at a lower cost.

Rotomoulding has become an important manufacturing method that is seeing a rise in its popularity over the past few years. This unique process offers a number of advantages over traditional methods and is now considered an ideal option for creating low-volume orders or prototypes. It’s crucial to understand how each manufacturing method differs before you make your next purchase order, as it can affect the quality of the end product as well as final costs.

The Advantages of Rotomoulding

In the world of plastic products, roto moulding is used for creating anything from medical supplies, kitchenware, to custom parts for the aerospace and automotive industries. This method is often used to produce complex shapes and forms that cannot be easily made through injection moulding or other conventional processes. The process is also an economical solution to recycle various materials that can help lower costs and improve profitability for any China rotomould company.

Where can rotomoulding be used?

Many people ask where can roto moulding be used? The answer is, pretty much anywhere. It is a fairly flexible way of manufacturing as it isn’t constrained by the properties found in injection moulded plastics.  It works great for products that have complex shapes and need to have good aesthetics.

Rotomoulding machines can be used in numerous industrial applications. It can be applied to a range of different materials such as metal, plastic, or rubber. If a product needs precise or complex shapes, roto moulding is an ideal process to use. It also has the ability to deal with varied wall thicknesses as well as different shapes on the inside and outside of the final product.


 Rotomoulding has many benefits to those who are willing to take the risk and make the investment. One of the biggest benefits of roto moulding is that it allows you to alter the product's design and modify certain parts of it - even after it has been created. This saves a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been wasted on prototypes. Rotomoulding is a very useful tool for creating useful things. It’s also a challenge to master. Although it offers so many benefits and advantages, however, you'll need to consider the market risks before purchasing a rotational moulding machine.

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