Lower and Upper Dolpo Trek are surrounded with high peak of mountains. It is one of the most exciting and challenging treks in Nepal's western hills, allowing the trekkers to experience the actual adventures of trekking on an off-the-beaten path composed of steep, sloppy hills.

Two Different Routes 

Trekking in the Dolpo region comprises two routes: Lower Dolpo Trekking and Upper Dolpo Trekking. There are a variety of Dolpo trekking maps available in Kathmandu, abroad, or online. In Nepal, most of the Maps are produced by Himalayan Map House. Dolpo Trekking Map covers both lower Dolpo and Upper Dolpo trekking routes.

Lower Dolpo Treks: Lower Dolpo treks are one of the least difficult areas of Dolpo. There are several treks that can bo done in lower Dolpo. But a week exploring Phoksundo lake and Lower Dolpo Circuit Trek is the most popular lower Dolpo treks.

Upper Dolpo Treks: The Upper Dolpo trek itinerary reserves its charisma for a minimum two-week-long to five-week-long trek. The upper Dolpo trek itinerary consists of three types of treks such; 1. Upper Dolpo trek within Upper Dolpo, 2. Upper Dolpo trek traverses, and 3. Upper Dolpo and Lower Dolpo trek.

Best Season of Visit

Dolpo nestles just behind the Himalayas, which makes its climate different from the rest of Nepal. It is one of the two places with no rainy monsoon season. It is almost scorched and the landscape resembles that of the Tibetan Plateau as opposed to the green monsoon-watered mountains of the same altitude elsewhere in Nepal. It will be one of the most rewarding, memorable trekking you can undertake in the Himalayas.


How long is the Lower and Upper Dolpo trek trail?

It takes approximately 18 days to complete the Lower Dolpo and almost a month in the case of the Upper Dolpo Trek.

Do you need to hire a mountain guide for Dolpo Trek?

Yes, it is essential to hire a guide to understand the routes of trails and treks and avoid any miss happening.