You may learn that a member of your family is a realtor and feel forced to work with them even though you know they are not the best person for the task. Working with the wrong realtor, whether you're buying or selling, may cost you a lot of money and time; you want to be sure you're dealing with the right person.

We recommend inviting business colleagues and coworkers, but avoid requesting family members. A referral is the most convenient way to find a real estate agent. The second-best way to find a realtor is to attend events in your area or target location where a real estate agent will be speaking.

Based on their confidence and skill, that is a good strategy for determining whether you want to work with them more in the future. In general, real estate agents that attend events do a lot more business, have a lot more connections, and are a lot better to work with than real estate brokers who never attend events.

Conducting phone interviews with real estate brokers is the third-best option. Asking probing questions such as, "How do you feel about the market?" Why should I select you above your rivals? If they can answer these difficult questions adequately, they may be the ones for you!

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