With our different tastes between the various styles, we always gather that  the bedroom  tops the list of favorite rooms in the house, as it is our refuge after the end of a long and exhausting day, and we must do everything in our power to increase our comfort and belonging in this room. 

There are many ways and design solutions to make your bedroom suitable for your personality and reflect your personality, and one of the basic elements that international designers are interested in and we will discuss in more detail later is the design of the main bedroom wall, as this era is considered the center of the room’s strength and reflects the personality of its owner, Although most people rely on the bed only as a piece of furniture that adorns the wall, we will review later in homify some tips that add spirit and personality to your bedroom wall and make it specially designed for you alone.

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Smart and distinctive youthful design

The first bold and distinctive youthful designs that we offer, and he used the formations of the lowly buildings as a background with a very strong personality for the guitar hanging on the wall, which can be changed according to the hobbies of the owner of the room, with the addition of an artistic touch represented in the two artistic panels and a smart and distinctive use of the gypsum ceiling for its low background lighting with hidden lights And hanging two lighting units next to the bed, which is distinguished by the back upholstery of thin white straw.

Using the principle of modern asymmetry

If your taste is more conservative and at the same time you tend to the modern trend, the  designer gives us a lesson in simplicity and modernity in a wonderful mixture between materials, finishing methods, accessories and different and unusual pieces of furniture, starting with the wonderful wooden binding that serves as the back of the bed Passing through the mismatched and harmonious bedside tables at the same time, and using one of them as a dresser with a very impressive circular mirror that in turn responds to the delicate lighting units on the same wall, explaining the simple accessory in a wonderful harmony.

Dazzling color art

Adding a large art painting on the main wall has always been a great idea for her to be the hero of the room’s story and be the problem of the room’s personality and make it more funny, so we recommend at homify if you want to follow this method to choose your painting carefully, as it will tell your story and reflect Your personality in the room.

Bold industrial style

One of the design methods that are extremely simple and creative, and depends largely on the overlap of materials and their relationships, is the industrial style, and usually those who choose this direction have refined artistic tendencies, as following the industrial style in its design depends entirely on details and relationships and its comfort to the eye and on Lighting units with strong character.

3D cladding

3D cladding has always been one of the cutest interior design solutions for bedrooms, as it gives endless choices of shapes to be used in the room, usually suiting all tastes and ages.