In Lost Ark, players can play games with their partners, but players need to understand several systems first. The first thing players need to do is to add friends, because Lost Ark will not share the Steam friends list. To do this, open the community menu at the bottom right of the screen and click on Friends Options. Please follow MMOWTS for the latest news of Lost Ark.

This will open the main friend menu, and the player needs to click on the specific friend tab, and then click the friend request in the lower left corner. Enter the name of the character that the player wants to add as a friend. After that, the player's friend will need to accept the request. From there, players need to go to a party. Right-click the player’s friend’s name in the menu and click "Invite to Party".

Players will now see their name and health bar on the left side of the screen. Next, the player needs to enter the same instance. Players only need to be in the same world on the same server. In the upper right corner, the player will see a small box with "Ch. X" written on it, X is a number. This is the number of instances on the server, if players are in the same instance, they can see each other.

Even if the players are not in the same instance, the players can still see each other on the small map, but they cannot see each other in the game world. A simple opportunity to match the player's instance with the player's friends, after a short loading screen, the player will be in the same server shard. Afterwards, players can meet in the same place.

It should be noted that the player will not be able to join the player's friends until the player passes a certain point in Loghill, the first area of ​​the game. Continue to play the game until the player sees the "Ch.X" box in the upper right corner of the screen, the player will know that the player can take advantage of multiplayer games. For more information about Lost Ark, please visit