With Air India, you can easily cancel, air india cancellation charges, or get a refund for your Canada to India air tickets. You just need to know their cancellation and refund rules well.

Here are some things that you must know about Air India’s ticket cancellation policy.
1. The Ticket Price, Cancellation Charges, And Refund Depend on Your Fare Type. 
All the air tickets and their prices depend on the fare conditions. Thus, due to these, you can observe the different fares.

Some fares tend to be more flexible. It is because the restrictions on these are negligible. However, due to this, they are more expensive.

Thus, you must know some of these common fare conditions. Some of these are:

If the ticket is refundable and the charges that are related to it.
No-show charges on tickets.
If there can be a change in the ticket date and the connected charges.
Also, the airline is subject to change these rules anytime. Further, the different kinds of fares that Air India offers to its passengers are:

High Fare – Express Flexi
Medium Fare – Express Value
Low Fare – Express Promo
Usually, many modifications are possible in case of high airfares. But, low rates do not allow this benefit.

Therefore, if you have got yourself some airline tickets to Hyderabad, India, through the express promo, changes may not be possible.

2. Refundable and Non-Refundable Tickets
You have booked a flight to Cochin. However, there is a change in your travel plans.

During such cases, you can cancel your ticket. However, the refund you will get on this will depend on the rules linked to your fares.

Also, the refund is possible if your ticket is a refundable one. In case of a non-refundable ticket, Air India will refund only non-airline taxes.

Therefore, choose your ticket wisely. You never know when your travel plans can change.

3. Refund Process
You need to follow the following steps to get a refund on your ticket:

Request a Refund: Your ticket needs to be either partially or totally unutilized for this. Also, you need to do this within one year after the validity-expiry of your ticket.
Reviewing of Fare Restrictions: Once you have made the request, the airline authorities will analyze the fare restrictions on your ticket.
Payment: Once the Air India authorities complete the above step, they will pay you accordingly. However, they will credit the amount to you using the same method that you used while booking your flight to India.
Thus, in case you have done it in cash, you will receive a check. Similarly, in case of a debit or credit card, you will receive it in your bank account.

4. Refund Period
Under normal conditions, Air India authorities will process your refund immediately.

But, it is not so for a credit-card bank transfer. In this case, the entire process can take at least twenty days.

5. Partial Refunds
In case of using only a part of the ticket, you can even request for a partial refund.

Yes, you read that, right! The airline will then deduct the one-way fare, taxes, and the refund/cancellation charges. They will then refund you the balance amount.

However, this is not possible in case of heavily discounted tickets. Say that you have got some very cheap flights to Delhi.

In such a case, your partially utilized tickets will not be refundable.

Therefore, always make it a priority check all the Air India rules regarding fares. Also, you need to do it before you make a reservation.

6. Rebooking/Cancellation
After making your online reservation, you can easily rebook or cancel it.

For this, you need to use the “My Booking” section. However, you can do this only for fully unutilized tickets.

To access this section, you will have to go to the homepage of the airline’s website.

Also, the Internet Booking Engine will process your request automatically.

But, all this is done, keeping in mind the fare rules. Thus, in case you rebook your tickets, your fare can vary.

Also, there are some charges on the modifications. It depends on your type of Air India ticket.