In daily life, we can see various patterns and patterns on the packaging box, so how are these patterns and patterns drawn? The answer to this question is inextricably linked to the existence of Flat Screen Printing Machine In fact, the reason why the pattern on the packaging bag is so beautiful depends on the characteristics of the flat screen printing machine.
The ink layer used by the flat screen printing machine itself is very thick, from painting to coloring can give the characters on the packaging vivid and lifelike, the outline of the line is full, and the color is not lost. And it is equipped with a unique frequency conversion control, which can determine the frequency and speed of use according to the different printing patterns and the size of the packaging, and can be colored at once during the printing process. In other words, even if there are different colors on the packaging box, you can finish them all at once. In this way, we can save our second coloring time and color processing.
And in use, even if the printing effect requires high color change, it can be easily dealt with, and even under high-frequency and rapid working conditions, there will be no printing errors. And it can keep its own pattern clear and easy to distinguish, the color is bright and full, and because the ink layer of the flat screen printing machine is relatively thick, it will not appear to fade or fade.
In addition, when using a flat screen printing machine, it can also be connected to the corresponding dryer or slitting machine to use together, which can highlight his advantages. And because of the more and more disadvantages of semi-automatic or manual screen printing machines, there are many unsatisfactory places in actual use. In this way, flat screen printing machines adapt to the development trend of society, while semi-automatic and manual screen printing machines Being replaced is just a matter of time.