Manaslu Circuit Trek is one of the most thrilling adventures in Nepal. It was officially opened as adventure trekking by the government for foreign trekkers in 1991.  Trekking in this area offers fantastic views of Mt. Manaslu 8,163 meters, the eighth-highest mountain in the world. Manaslu Circuit Trek is an immersion into the culture and nature of the Nepalese Himalayas. Offers the discovery of the most stunning flora and fauna, as well as snow-capped mountains, including Tamang, Gurung, and Nupripa, settlements, are on the circuit.


Experience of culture, nature, and adventure is the unique feature of Manaslu Circuit Trek. Manaslu circuit trek could be done at your preference, whether you prefer teahouses or camping.


How Long Is The Manaslu Circuit?


This trek in Nepal offers a longer duration than some others. Manaslu circuit trek takes 13 to 17 days. Depending on the time frame it can be extended by adding Tsum Valley. Many trekking companies offer 14- or 15-day itineraries for adequate acclimatization. The Manaslu Circuit covers a total of 177 kilometers (110 miles). However, distances can vary from itinerary to itinerary. Many trekking companies start at Arughat Bazar, while others only begin at Soti Khola.


When Is The Best Season To Trek The Manaslu Circuit?


There are 4 distinct seasons in the year. There are 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Manaslu circuit trek is best for trekking between March, April, and May in spring and September, October, and November in autumn. Trekkers can enjoy the excitement and atmosphere of every trekking season.





Q1: What is the highest point of the Manaslu Circuit trek?


A1: Manaslu Circuit Trek in Nepal is one of the country's most popular and rewarding treks. A trek around Mt. Manaslu (8163 m) takes you on an offbeat path. The highest point of the Manaslu Circuit trek is Larke Pass (5160m).


Q2: Why is Manaslu famous?


A2: Mount Manaslu, also known as Kutang, is the eighth-tallest peak in the world. Throughout the Manaslu Circuit Trek, we may see mountains such as Manaslu, Himalchuli, and Ngadi Chuli Manaslu, as well as Annapurna, Shringi, and Ganesh Himal. Thus, the Manaslu Circuit trek is popular. In addition, the Buddhist tradition and ancient Buddhist monasteries, Tamang, Gurung, and Nupripa authentic culture and lifestyle are the major attraction of the trek.


Q3: How long does the Manaslu Circuit take?


A3: This 13-day trek begins in Soti Khola, goes up and back along a different path, and ends in Dharapani. It includes travel and time in Kathmandu.


Q4: Do we need a permit for the Manaslu Circuit trek?


A4: Yes, while doing the Manaslu Circuit trek there is a need for two conservation permits and one Manaslu Restricted Area permit (MRAP). The conservation permits are Annapurna Conservation Area Permit (ACAP) and Manaslu Conservation Area Permit (MCAP). 


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