Champions Challenge (Risky). Inside this OSRS gold for sale minigame you will be able to battle against 10 different races. Once you have defeated them, you'll be confronted by their leaders. Winners will be awarded Champion lamps and a cape.

Chambers of Xeric (Safe). Challengers enter a randomised dungeon where they are battling against various creatures. After completing the maze and defeating the Great Olm, they get prizes equal to the score they have earned. Accumulated points are used to determine the outcome of the game weapons and other items.

Mage Arena (Risky). If you fight Kolodion you might win the rights to learn God Spells. If you succeed in defeating this NPC Kolodion will not be at all, but the Arena is able to be used in the future. Alongside learning God Spells, you are also able to obtain God Capes as well as God Staves.

The Theatre of Blood (Risky). Players assemble a team which is able to take on the even the most dangerous RuneScape bosses and are placed in a particular order. If they can survive, they will be rewarded with great treasures in form of unique armour and weapons.

Inferno (Safe). The improved version Of TzHaar Fight Cave in which you confront more challenging waves of enemies and even harder bosses. When you defeat TzKal-Zuk, you earn the right to wear Infernal Cape as well as Jal-nib-rek pet.

Blast Furnace (Safe). Simply, a group buy 2007 runescape gold players need to work together to keep Blast Furnace running which lets you smelt ores with only 50% of the coal required. It can be a great income generator that is simple to learn, however it takes quite a lot of clicking and only a handful of items to be efficient.