What class are Wardancer and Soulfist in Lost Ark

On November 4th, Lost Ark began to enter the inside. If you are playing Lost Ark for the first time, the many classes in the game and their sub-classes may cause a lot of headaches for players. So in order to solve this problem, I will introduce the classes in the game. Today, I will introduce you to Wardancer and Soulfist.

Wardancer is not much different from Striker except for being a female model and some key changes. Because of her extremely high mobility, low cooldown, and fun to play, she has become one of the most popular classes in the game.

Because she has very simple game mechanics, such as short attack distance and less AoE compared to Warrior classes, it is a very good choice for novice players. Because of this mobility, she can quickly play a powerful advantage in boss battles and endgame PvE.

Wardancer is an aggressive melee class, but it is more of a supporting role in PvP, mainly because it can apply more damage reduction and buff/debuff effects.

Soulfist can provide melee and ranged capabilities at the same time, making him another very unique class in the game. You can charge up your identity while causing damage, and then use these damages to release some powerful abilities, including a huge ultimate awakening ability. As you know, this ability can be the main source of damage for the class.

Generally speaking, Soulfist gives people a feeling of inconsistent damage. When you use these abilities, you need to use a lot of strength, but he is a very good tank that can cause a lot of damage, and it can be used in PvP. As an auxiliary class.
It is worth noting that Soulfist can provide a lot of things in PvP, especially for the Paladin and Bard. Even so, you can still cause huge damage, provided that you need to hit the target before those powerful skills enter the cooldown.

All in all, these two characters are very good classes in the game, so when you decide to use them, you need to provide them with strong equipment support, so it is essential to prepare adequate Lost Ark Gold. And now https://www.mmowts.com/lost-ark-gold is carrying out the Lost Ark Gold promotion, if you have any needs, you can check it out. 

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