Wash down closet is the use of water's gravity to convert the potential energy of the water into the kinetic energy of the water, thereby entraining the excretion and dirt into the toilet of the sewer pipe, including the water inlet pipe, the water outlet pipe, the seepage pipe, the water plug, the float, and the water discharge knob. And it is composed of the lever, water replenishment organ, water tank, urinal, etc.

Wall-Hung Toilets is one of the more novel styles of toilets, which are used more in the family.
1. Compared with the floor-standing toilet, the wall-mounted non-hygienic dead corner is easier to clean, making it easier for us to clean.
2. The layout of the toilet is not restricted at all. You can place it as you like, so as to create a better living space.
3. Small footprint. Wall-mounted toilets are especially suitable for small-sized homes. They occupy a small area and can create a larger family activity space for us. It also makes the entire bathroom area more open, giving us a more visually comfortable enjoyment.
4. The wall-mounted toilet is blocked by the wall because it enters the wall, so the noise during flushing is naturally weakened.

1. The price is too expensive. Buy the water tank and Wall-Hung Toilets separately. The total price is two or three times that of a normal toilet.
2. The quality and technical requirements are high, and the quality of the water tank must be passed. It is best to choose a better brand to buy because it is guaranteed, otherwise, it will be troublesome for water leakage.
3. There is an overhaul hole behind the cover, which is relatively convenient, but it is necessary to ask a professional to come and operate it.