The Madden NFL games series has a devoted crowd. NFL fans for one, do not have any other choice in football games mut coins. That's why Madden NFL 22 is still amazing despite its launch in mid August when the NFL season begins the ninth week of its season. It's the money from Madden fans that's getting slashed with a particular glitch. Two and a half weeks after Madden NFL 22's release, it's possible that players lose their entire Madden NFL franchise.

Madden NFL 22 gamers have been dealing with an extremely serious bug since the game's launch. What exactly the root of the problem is remains unknown. The result is evident. Players attempt to open their franchise for their football team in the Franchise mode, but it will not open. Whatever they do, whether it's reinstalling Madden NFL 22 on their PC or using a second (or the third) backup, it will not function. The save files for their Franchise mode teams are corrupted and inaccessible.

What makes this error so especially unacceptable is that The Franchise feature in Madden is where players go to have an uninterrupted, long-lasting football experience. Franchises can have many seasons throughout the years, however, their saves will be corrupted at any time without warning. They'll lose their entire progress and have no other choice but to start from scratch.

Electronic Arts has acknowledged that there's a problem. There's a fix that is in development, however there's currently no timeline of when this fix is expected to be announced. EA community manager Blueberry wrote a post to EA's official bug report forum, saying that the development team is working on it.

In light of the fact that there are reports that show this bug goes back at least to Madden NFL 21, it's frustrating that it's taken so time for the issue to be resolved. At the very minimum it appears that EA are paying attention. There's no indication of whether players will be able save their data back buy Mut 22 coins, or if they'll have to begin from scratch.