Many teams are using 4g gps tracker, and they are often struggling to find the installation location. Then everyone will take a look at the location where the 4g gps tracker is installed on the car to be difficult to find.

The first one, the 4g gps tracker is the easiest to be installed in the tire, because the tire is the most easily overlooked point, and even if the tire leaks or blows during driving, everyone will only put the tire on. Unload it, it is impossible to cut it and query. Therefore, the tire becomes one of the best places to install the 4g gps tracker.

The second part is the engine compartment, which is also a very concealed position, because the engine is the most critical component of the car, so if there is nothing wrong with the car owners, it is impossible to open the engine compartment to check. It is precisely because some engine owners will ignore this position, so the engine compartment has become one of the commonly used installation positions for 4g gps tracker.

The third position may not be thought of by most people, because it is right under your nose, but the enemy is in the dark and I am in the light. This position is the central control. In the central control of the car, there are integrated circuits such as audio and navigation. In addition, it is impossible for car owners to disassemble the central control for research and inquiry, and some high-end positioning devices need to be continuously charged, so the central control must be very safe and secure. The location is unexpected.

The fourth position is the bumper. Generally speaking, there is no safety accident. It is impossible for car owners to remove the bumper. Therefore, it is "safe" to install the 4g gps tracker here.

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