Shivali came near me and started sucking my lips like they do in English movies. He did this for 5 minutes. I was pressing her tits, mashing, below Manorama was sucking my cock and was also pressing her breasts with her hands. Sometimes I would also press her chest. I was having double the fun. Friends, how are you all… After a long time, I again felt like writing my sex story. Now something has happened that I do not get time to write my sex. But it does not mean that I have lost my appetite for sex. Rather now it has turned the other way around. I have started feeling very much to get fucked by. I think that in the amount of time, I will spend in writing the story, I can get two rounds of cocks done in my pussy. That night my boyfriend Anu hit my ass for the first time, I was in a lot of pain. When I woke up after fucking my ass, I saw that my lovely ass had swelled up and turned red. We both slept naked at night. So I saw in the morning, otherwise, I don't know whether the band of my ass was playing at night. I somehow got up and went to the washroom and took a bath with hot water. After that, I got some rest. After that, I went and picked up Anu. Put on your clothes and ordered breakfast. After some time Anu also came from the bathroom and we both had breakfast together. Then both of us were ready to go for a walk.
Then the hotel manager rang our room bell. I asked him to come inside. He came in and said - the first night of your honeymoon must have been good. Anu thanked him for giving such a good arrangement and he turned to leave. Then we both went ahead, that manager was watching my moves. Because the pain in my ass was not even allowing me to walk properly. That manager started leaving looking at my ass with a suppressed smile. I said to Anu - Look how he is looking at me.
On this, Anu laughed and said – He must have taken his wife like this too… He must be laughing remembering her. Saying this, Anu started laughing. I could not walk, so I refused to go with Anu and I stayed in the hotel. Anu said - Ok, you rest here, I am going to the market. I want to bring some things. I came back to the room and Anu went to the market. I then went to the washroom and sat in the bathtub filling hot water and started training my ass. Anu came back to the room after about an hour. He had a bag in his hand. As soon as Anu entered the room, he said - what you wanted to do yesterday, do it now. I'm ready I did not understand Anu's point that what to do tomorrow. Then Anu opened the bag. She had a razor, trimmer, scissors, and a red colored bra and panty. I asked - yesterday you refused that there is no razor?
Then Anu said yes, that's why I brought it from the market. Had taken my bra and panty earlier, but it was left in the car.



He said - you change it, then let's start the work. I got naked there and wore bra panty. What can I tell friends… what a cool bra it was. It was a red colored transparent mesh bra. Like girls buy for honeymoon. It was exactly like that. When I saw him wearing it, Anu had undressed herself in front of me by tying a handkerchief to her cock. I said - what is this? He said - today is his honeymoon... That's why he is blushing. Saying this, Anu started laughing. I laughed too. One, the scene of the room was very cool, and above all these talks of Anu were making me happy. Then Anu said - Himani, are you ready for a haircut? I started thinking about whether I have come here for sex… or for a haircut. Then I asked Anu this. Anu said - I will enjoy both.