When you begin the Fletching course You will need to RuneScape gold gather feathers that will be needed to RuneScape gold make headless bows. Keep using this method until you are at level 22. When you reach this level, you'll gain the ability to create Iron Darts.

They can be easily put together in the Blast Furnace. But, you'll be required to finish The Tourist Trap quest beforehand. NPC Ordan will be there to offer you Iron Ore so you won't have to be concerned about mining it on your own. This Ore should be smelted at the Furnace that will transform into the bars to make Iron Darts at the Anvil. Although this might appear like an ideal approach to make bows, you must switch into bow making later on for a higher performance ratio.

The Managing Miscellania minigame will be the primary source of income from wood. Through it, you'll be able receive huge quantities of Maple Logs. They can then be turned into Unstrung Maple Longbows and later after being destroyed using High Alchemy. This method will cause minimal losses, however in return you'll receive huge amounts of Fletching experience and a decent one in Magic too.

If you have the money to purchase the Broader Fletching perks from Slayer Master, you can create Broad Arrows. They're also made from The Maple Logs, so if you've been able to make use of Managing Miscellania to your advantage then you shouldn't have any difficulty in buy OSRS gold buy runescape 3 gold obtaining enough wood for this procedure.