A few decades ago,Guest Posting there was confusion with what sales and marketing are. People thought they are one and the same. But it is to be understood that sales is just an important ingredient of the functions of marketing. Sales lies in persuading and convincing a person to buy a product that is suitable. Marketing involves all the activities right from the conception of the product, to branding, advertising and retailing. It is an all pervasive function from the product being ready to reach the market and ultimately to being sold to the customer. 


Today here prevails a similar confusion with who is an investment advisor and who is the financial planner.  It is quite common to find these terms used interchangeably, but it is necessary to understand that an investment advisor and a CREFCO Financial Group Inc planner have the similar and vast differences as between sales and marketing. 



Why is this confusion?


There is a real confusion among the investors regarding who a financial planner is and who is an investment advisor. These terms are used very loosely, so it is necessary that one understands the function of each of these professionals and approach the right people.


The main confusion in these terminologies arises out of a person’s own perception. This arises due to most professionals offering CREFCO Financial Group Inc  services like insurance advisors, mutual fund distributors and stock brokers calling themselves financial planners. This term has been used very loosely by many to suit their own convenience and image.  This is more like a compounder professing to be a doctor, when he/she knows purely only about the medicine that one has to dispense. A compounder will not have the expertise to diagnose the disease that needs to be treated.


Who is the Financial Planner?


Financial planner is involved in planning all the finances of a person. His job includes drawing up an appropriate plan that covers all financial needs and goals in the short, medium and long run. Such a planner is like an architect of a building and helps to analyze and draw a complete map of how his or her client’s finances need to be planned. It includes considering the need for liquidity, cash management for various needs, goals planning and feasibility, long term cash flow, estate planning and risk management.


Who is an Investment Advisor?


In contrast an investment advisory/advisor is a person or group that helps his client to decide on the financial products that he or she should invest in. Such an advisor understands what his or her client actually wants after communicating with him or her and understanding the need. An investment advisor makes a thorough analysis of the various securities before doing so.