Day by day the number of users of crypto assets is increasing. And as the traders are increasing in the market the requirement of a good crypto wallet is also increasing. So, finding a wallet that fits all the needs of users is a tough job. And nobody has enough time to search for a single available wallet. To reduce their workload, the users will directly search for the ‘Top 5 crypto Wallets’ available and then will research it.

And in that list, the name of MetaMask Wallet always remains on top. You can use this wallet via its mobile application or through MetaMask Extension. Continue with the blog, if you are looking for the registration as well as the login steps of MetaMask.

How get registered on MetaMask?

Before going further with the blog we are assuming that you will be using MetaMask Extension to begin your registration process.

  1. Open the installed MetaMask browser extension.
  2. Click the ‘Get Started’ button.
  3. Now, press ‘Create Wallet’.
  4. Set up a strong passcode to protect your account.
  5. After the Password has been generated, you will be asked to store your seed phrase.
  6. To verify that the seed phrase has been restored you will have to pass a test.

After sequentially executing these steps your wallet account would be registered. And then you would be redirected to the homepage of your MetaMask Account.

How to get logged in to the MetaMask Account?

After getting to know about the steps to register a new wallet account on the MetaMask it is now time to know about the process to unlock your account for future reference. The unlocking steps of the account are not that hard to perform and are just a 4-step process:

  1. Click open your MetaMask Extension.
  2. Now write the account passcode.
  3. Check the entered details.
  4. If the details are correct press the ‘Unlock’ button.

After this, you will be logged in to the account quickly. But if in case you do not remember the passcode you can tap on the ‘Forget Passcode’ button.

Customer Care Support Service

Though this wallet has several great features you will not be able to get live customer support assistance from the team. But, you can raise the ticket for your query and then the assistant team will get in touch with you. The option to raise your complaint via the email system is also given to the traders. All these methods will ensure that you will get the best possible solution to any of the issues of MetaMask Extension.

Wrapping it up

MetaMask Extension is a decentralized exchange that works to provide the best security to the stored funds. If you mainly trade in Ethereum-based tokens, then there is no better choice than this wallet platform. But the only disadvantage for the users is that there is no available live support which makes it difficult for the users to get assistance at the time of need. But other than that it is highly recommendable to use.