I diagnosed that my biggest flaw was in Madden 22 coins defensive play. While I'm generally able to move the ball down the field with ease against computers however, I relied on guesswork in deciding on defensive formations and while you could about get away with this with artificial intelligence however, it's difficult to be able to do that against an opponent online, who can read the game you're playing and make alterations to attack it.

My idea was that if I can understand my defense better, I'll also be aware of how it performs and what weaknesses, which means that when I'm on offense I'll know how to attack my opponent. So I set to work on acquiring some basic knowledge of different formations. I learned to stack the box into a the 3-4 or 4-3 configuration in the event of a run and to use Nickel or Dime when the opponent is likely to throw the ball - for instance, on a second as well as a third-down play.

I have had good results with Man coverage generally, though I started using Zone in instances where I was happy to give my opponent a little field. For example, if I'm ahead only a couple of minutes left I'm happy to allow my opponent play front of me; I'll employ a Cover-3 deep arrangement to give my opponent some space, knowing that I'm likely to not give up an important play. I can still get exposed doing this - good players are able to play on the sidelines, for example - but I'm generally finding success.

Even though my knowledge is simple, I'm now choosing games with the aim of achieving a particular outcome in contrast to the intuition I was relying on before. It has also helped me on the offensive side, since I know that I'm contemplating the possibility of a Cover-2 or Blitz although I'm not an expert at knowing this, it's helped me make larger gains. Lobbing the ball outside to my receiver during play-action as an example when I am able to mmoexp madden nfl 22 coins see how a cornerback might descend into a deep zone it's an example of what I've learned to work.