In 2003.Madden NFL 24 Films discovered the Madden 24 coins  perfect partner when the league launched its own 24 hour cable channel,known as the Madden NFL 24 Network.The reach of the channel grew from 12 to 72 million households in 2013.It was the expansion of the cable channel's reach which prompted the 2009 lawsuit.

"The significance and usage of Madden NFL 24 Films just have exploded,"Dryer said."It's a huge prize for these films."

Money from Madden NFL 24 Films and the Madden NFL 24 Network goes into the league's national revenue stream,which is split between teams and distributed to players under the collective bargaining agreement.

"The Madden NFL 24 creates an extensive library of movies to market their products,"he said."Within this model exist thousands of gamers who have rights as individuals."

Dryer did not discuss the worth to Madden NFL 24 Films and the amount of income it generated.The growing popularity as well as the profit margins,for the team and its league suggests Dryer that the pictures of former players'faces are worth more than they currently receive(which is nothing less than they would receive through a settlement proposed by the league in the coming year.

A team from Madden NFL 24 came up with a settlement in spring of 2013.The settlement would transfer$50 million minus an estimated$8 million in legal costs,into a fund for retired players.Settlement funds would be paid out over eight years.The money is intended to be given to charitable organizations that provide support to initiatives for retired players.It would also create an agency that licenses retired players.This would ideally,produce additional revenue cheap mut 24 coins  for the fund.