We are a Deep Groove Ball Bearings Supplier, let's share how to disassemble the bearings.

  Each bearing has a unique disassembly process. No matter what kind of bearing

  Type, special care must be taken when disassembling. If you disassemble improperly, you may damage

  Bearings, shafts or bearing seats, and need to spend expensive repair costs.

  For small bearings, there are a variety of pullers to help the disassembly of the bearing. For bearings that use a tight fit, or for bearings that are fastened to the shaft and cannot be removed by a mechanical puller, the inner ring of the bearing can be heated for easy removal. Heating lamps or other heating devices can be used. If the gas cutting gun is used, the performance of the bearing steel will be changed, and the bearing must be scrapped. Tensile stresses can be very high in tight-fitting bearing components. If the method of cutting the inner ring (inner race) is used to try to disassemble this kind of part, it will cause the sudden cracking of the part and cause the metal fragments to shoot violently. Be sure to use a press or bearing puller with a protective device to separate the bearing from the shaft, and

  Be sure to use appropriate personal protective equipment, including safety glasses.

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