Cone-shaped backflow incense cones that emit incense smoke in the opposite direction, that is, downwards, from a normal cone, is known as a Backflow Incense Cone. This is mainly because of the small hollow tunnel that goes through the center of the cone and ends with a hole at the bottom of the cone.

What are Backflow Incense Cones and how does it work?

The incense cones create backflow smoke by using an incense burner. It’s called “backflow” because the smoke goes down instead of up like regular smoke. Backflow burners use a simple natural phenomenon. No tricks are required to create the effect; all you need is a special incense cone with a small hole in the bottom. The waterfall is created using these backflow cones and a special burner design.

We all know that burning incense releases warm air. Normally, the heat generated when we burn incense releases smoke and the difference in atmospheric pressure between the surrounding air and smoke (warm air) rises and carries the smoke. Because the backflow cone is hollow, the cold air inside the burner also reaches the smoke. This cool air draws smoke through the burner holes, creating a waterfall effect.

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How to use Backflow incense cones?

To light a backflow cone, make sure you have everything you need before starting work. You will need:

Lighters: All lighters will work, but we recommend using lighters with a longer neck, such as a grill or fireplace lighter, that are easy to use and keep your hands away from open flames.

Backflow Incense Cone: Very Simple! Backflow incense cones come in most traditional flavors, so choose your favorite.

Backflow Incense Stand: To get the full effect of backflow incense, you need an incense holder specially designed for backflow incense. Several beautiful holders let the smoke effect falls wonderfully onto multiple paths. Check out our interesting options available at

How to smoke/light backflow incense cones?  

Place the incense waterfall in a free area above the fire-dish. Keep tongs and a glass of water nearby. Grasp the backflow cone and tilt it slightly. Lighten the top of the cone. Wait until it starts burning properly. Turn off the light/fire. Put the cone on the backflow stand. Watch the smoke as soon as the hollow part starts to burn. If you have to turn off the fire until the cone is completely burnt out? Then use tongs to place the cone in the water. Is the cone completely burned out? Wet the ashes until the ashes come out completely.

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