You should know that a vial of Botox can only be injected into one person. It is neither prudent nor ethical to use a vial of injectable product to treat several patients. The price of a Botox injection is, therefore, the same whether it is only injecting the frown lines or the entire forehead.

Botox prices: what exactly to expect?

The price of a Botox injection is related to the technicality of the act and the fact that Botox can only be injected by a Doctor. At EdenDerma, the injection of a vial of Botox costs depends on the treatment. The cost of this injection can be partially reimbursed by Social Security in the case of neuropathic pain and neuromuscular pain. The price of Botox is then reduced. If it is exclusively an aesthetic act, it, unfortunately, cannot be covered by Social Security. Regarding the frequency of sessions, the minimum time to be respected between 2 injections is 4 months in order to avoid any immunization to Botox. 

In general, doctors recommend one injection every 6 months depending on the patient, but after several injections the effectiveness is prolonged.

At Laser 1er Neuilly, botulinum toxin products come from the Galderma laboratory, which is a guarantee of safety and efficacy for the Patient.

The results of a Botox injection session

On the face, the result consists of attenuation of wrinkles with the conservation of small movements so that the result is natural.

The effects start to be visible after 2 or 3 days, but the result is optimum after 15 days. As the injection needle is thin, injections are usually not very painful.

The price of a Botox injection will necessarily be specified to you since the establishment of an estimate is a legal obligation.