It's frustrating to see so many armors being changed. You could easily place an intern in there and WOW Classic TBC Gold they would largely be fine. Recolors must always be a slider option that players have access too..

I was wondering what a recolour might be. constitute an actual skin. I've always thought that reskins would be exactly the same animations with one with a totally different appearance, and a recolour , well called a recolour.

LFR, heroic, normal LFR, heroic, normal, and LFR are all part of the same set that has colour changes. The only difference is the mythic set (and some pieces) that are different

Reskining a skin uses the same skeleton but overlays another skin over it. They could be identical to color recolors (if the skin modifications aren't too drastic). They can also add extra bits and bobs.

The Iron Skyreaver is a normal mount made of rylak but with some (extremely loud) jet thrusters on its wings as well as pieces of cheap TBC Classic Gold armor. This is it's a remake.