Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre Melbourne - Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital

We are happy to provide an in-patient Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Service at Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital.  Dr. Rajinarayan Mahasuar, an experienced consultant psychiatrist, oversees and conducts our programs. Our interdisciplinary team places a strong emphasis on thorough evaluation and treatment using a range of strategies that are supported by evidence, while also offering individualized, holistic care that is specifically suited to the needs of each patient.  We want to combine peer support, peer education, and cutting-edge therapies to free patients and their families from the grip of addiction.

We are aware that every patient has a unique connection with drugs and alcohol. We collaborate closely with all parties already involved in the treatment of our patients, such as families, general practitioners, and doctors.

Just 20 miles separate Wyndham Clinic Private Hospital from Melbourne's central business district. It is a newly constructed, cutting-edge facility. Every room has a private bathroom, a TV, and other conveniences.

We provide a 7–10 day detox program in addition to a 28 day in-patient, abstinence-focused drug and alcohol treatment program.  Patients are admitted under the supervision of consultant psychiatrists who collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of specialists made up of nurses, allied health professionals, psychologists, and medical doctors to provide care for patients.

Additionally, we provide a 10-week (one half-day per week) outpatient program run by seasoned therapists. The day program is built on successful relapse prevention techniques drawn from CBT, ACT, and DBT methodologies.  After leaving the intensive in-patient program, the outpatient program is advised for all motivated patients.



  • For patients with a diagnosable substance use disorder, a rigorous 28-day inpatient program with a focus on abstinence is available.
  • diverse team with exceptional skill under medical direction. Our psychiatrist has worked in Australia for more than 20 years.
  • a lot of one-on-one time with the interdisciplinary team or with expert psychiatrists.
  • a research-based, integrated treatment approach that includes ongoing assessment, psychiatric assessment, and custom treatment planning based on each patient's needs and psychological profile
  • Options for a 7–10 day program of detoxification and substitution therapy
  • most private insurance support (often with little out-of-pocket expense)
  • Outstanding comfort and care throughout a hospital stay
  • Easy access for country, regional and interstate patients with freeway, airport and public transport options all within a short distance
  • A maximum of 12 patients within the drug and alcohol program at any time (to ensure more effective and individualised care)
  • Extensive group therapy program using a range of therapies to improve self-understanding, develop a skill-set to enhance resilience and to manage or ideally avoid relapse
  • All patients are provided with individual discharge preparation and a choice of family gatherings.
  • On-site meetings for Narcotic Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous are offered each week.


We offer a secure, comfortable and non-judgemental environment and strive to provide a positive experience for patients from pre-admission to discharge. Staff are trained in motivational interviewing to assist in exploring and strengthening our patients motivation and commitment to change.

The inpatient unit insists on abstinence throughout the program. We make the assumption that our patients are always trying their best to change their behaviour.

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