The wash down closet consists of the following main parts: water inlet pipe, water outlet pipe, seepage pipe, water plug, float, water release knob and lever, water replenishment organ, water tank, toilet.

The basic principle of the wash down closet is to use the gravity of water to convert the potential energy of the water into the kinetic energy of the water, thereby entraining the excrement and dirt into the sewer pipe.

According to the external structure: there are one-piece toilets, split toilets, and built-in toilets.

Built-in flush toilet: also known as built-in, mainly refers to the toilet water tank part is embedded in the toilets In the wall, only the button part is left on the wall, which is easy to install, and there is no dead corner to hide dirt, but it is not easy to repair.

Split toilet: refers to the toilet tank and the base part being separated, the base part and the water tank need to be connected with screws during installation, so the installation is more troublesome, and the connection is easy to hide dirt and difficult to care for.

One-piece toilet: refers to the toilet tank and the base part is connected as a whole, therefore, the installation is relatively simple, not easy to hide dirt, and occupies a smaller space than the split body. Its shape is relatively simple, novel, and high-end.